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Vattenfall Energy Trading is your one-stop shop for all sales and trading services.

What we do

Thanks to our many years of experience in energy trading, we offer you suitable solutions for energy procurement or marketing as well as comprehensive and sound advice.

Together towards a fossil-free future

At Vattenfall, we are working together with large consumers, generators and energy utilities on the energy transition to ensure a sustainable energy supply. For large consumers and energy utilities in particular, the question of the ideal and sustainable energy supply/marketing is becoming increasingly complex. The shift in energy generation towards renewables, political influences and movements in the international commodity markets are just some of the developments that companies need to keep in mind when optimally compiling their energy portfolio. Last but not least, optimal and future-oriented energy procurement is an increasingly decisive competitive factor.

By combining our many years of experience with highly efficient, pan-European market access, we serve as a reliable partner for large-scale consumers, generators and energy supply companies. In addition to comprehensive portfolio services, detailed market information and automated trading products, our market access products provide direct access to spot and forward markets. Through certified guarantees of origin, we help you secure your fossil-free energy needs.

We develop optimal concepts for your needs

No matter whether you are an investor or operator of wind power and photovoltaic plants, manage the energy needs of an industrial company or are responsible for hedging for municipal utilities or regional suppliers.