Your access to trading on energy markets - trade on the European energy markets. 

You need market access in order to participate in energy trading. You want actively market electricity and gas via the forward or spot marekt.

We are your gateway to all important energy markets in the UK. Whether you want to trade on an auction basis or continously - with our various market access platforms the in scope products (power, gas & carbon), you benefit from our infrastructure and can participate in energy trading with any terminal from anywhere.

Our expertise is always included - and, if you wish, additional services that make trading and marketing easier for you.

Classic Market Access for Commodities

Simple and transparent: The full selection of tenors up to 5 years out available in Power, Gas and Carbon related products and commodities, plus a large number of possible trading partners. Market outlook and consulting are also available via our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) - that's what professional market access is all about. Through Vattenfall, you have access to all major energy trading venues in Europe and a network of over 300 trading partners.

Energy Trader

Your access to OTC trading: You can trade easily and from anywhere. Our Energy Trader product is your access to OTC trading - from day-ahead to calendar year. The web portal shows current prices and individual dashboards. For full transparency and flexibility.

Direct Market Access

Direct Market Access (DMA) is the trading venue for professionals via our Travport connection with a Joule screen. You get access to all European electricity and gas trading markets and trade at the best possible OTC price available. The professional solution opens up the possibility for you as a market participant with high trading volumes to quickly and professionally start OTC trading via one of the leading energy trading houses in Europe.

Click & Trade

Market access could hardly be simpler: Click & Trade allows you to participate in exchange trading on EPEX SPOT in your browser without your own accreditation. This means: fast processes for optimizing your energy portfolio on the spot market with minimal administrative effort.

We develop optimal concepts for your needs

No matter whether you are an investor or operator of wind power and photovoltaic plants, manage the energy needs of an industrial company or are responsible for hedging for municipal utilities or regional suppliers.