Green electricity certificates for your renewables

Green electricity from certified plants for your company - green electricity certificates are your contribution to the energy transition. 

Vattenfall Sorsele distribution.

The origin of electricity is becoming increasingly important for you as an entrepreneur. You want to make a contribution to the energy transition and optimise your CO2 balance.

With us you set the course for the energy future. We support you with green electricity certificates and guarantees of origin. In this way, you save on your own investments in renewable energy plants.

Clean energy targets

In 2014, only 5% of Fortune 500 companies had clean energy goals. By April 2017, 48% did.


What do green electricity certificates offer you?

By choosing green electricity, you make a positive contribution to climate protection as well as to your company's carbon footprint and image. Guarantees of origin give you the certainty that defined quantities of electricity come from renewable sources - including proof of the type and location of green electricity generation.

Vattenfall develops solutions that are tailored to your needs: We supply you with both green electricity including the guarantee of origin and guarantees of origin independent of the electricity supply, which you can use for labelling. In doing so, we draw on our own extensive renewable energy portfolio as well as on our Europe-wide market access and framework agreements with renowned suppliers.

How does it work?

We procure the guarantees of origin according to your requirements such as country of origin, technology (e.g. hydropower, wind, solar) and age of the plants. In the case of special requirements for guarantees of origin, we conduct qualified market enquiries for you.

A fixed or floating price is agreed for the green electricity and/or the guarantees of origin, depending on market liquidity and the product specification. You only pay when you have received the green electricity and/or the guarantees of origin.

Who benefits from certificates of origin?

Companies that want to participate in the promotion of a clean, future-oriented energy supply.

Certificates from Vattenfall portfolio

  • Water (SE): Old plants, with subsidy / without subsidy, without label.
  • Wind (SE): Existing plants, with subsidy, without label
  • Wind (DK): Old plants, 1,300 GWh/a with subsidy, without label
  • Wind (NL): Old and new plants, with subsidy, without label
  • Run-of-river (DE): Old plants, without subsidy, without label

Certificates from the market

Market access and framework agreements with all well-known suppliers available, e.g. water from France, Austria and Switzerland; solar from Italy. 

Advantages and services at a glance


  • Supply of green electricity incl. guarantees of origin
  • Market-oriented procurement of customised guarantees of origin - usable for labelling - from the Vattenfall portfolio and Europe-wide market accesses
  • Secure processing via the system of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
  • Optional: swap transactions (exchange of grey power for green power schedule incl. guarantees of origin)
  • Payment only after delivery
  • Access to the wholesale market


  • Countries of origin: Europe, e.g. Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK
  • Technologies: Hydropower, wind, solar, biomass
  • Plants:
    • Existing plants, new plants
    • with subsidy, without subsidy
    • with label, without label

Duration: depending on market liquidity and product specification

We develop optimal concepts for your needs

No matter whether you are an investor or operator of wind power and photovoltaic plants, manage the energy needs of an industrial company or are responsible for hedging for municipal utilities or regional suppliers.