Portfolio management

Strategic procurement and marketing of your energy - control and manage your risks. 

In times of highly fluctuating prices on the wholesale markets, you want all the more professional energy procurement and marketing. You need portfolio management and access to the wholesale market for electricity and gas. Of course, you want to optimize risk and benefit in the process and receive competent advice.

In the composition of your energy portfolio, we select the right products and purchase times and manage your risk with a great deal of experience. You too can benefit from our experts in electricity and gas portfolio management.

What does our portfolio management offer you?

You receive professional advice and personal support from a team of experienced portfolio managers. Our goals are the physical optimization of your electricity or gas portfolio with regard to a balanced risk-reward ratio and the continuous further development of your procurement and marketing strategy. We implement your portfolio strategy with the right products for you on the wholesale market.

Portfolio management services

Support in the development of the strategy
Options for portfolio management within the strategy and evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of individual variants
Analyses (technical and fundamental)
Workshops on procurement/marketing strategies and current topics
Regular information and exchange on market developments
Newsletter and ad hoc information on important market-moving events

Who benefits from our portfolio management?

Our electricity and gas portfolio management services are primarily aimed at industrial customers, municipal utilities and distributors with an electricity or gas volume of 100 GWh/a or more.

Services and advantages at a glance

  1. Advice from experienced portfolio managers on the choice and implementation of your portfolio strategy
  2. Mapping of your portfolio in a professional trading system
  3. Best Execution Policy - we execute your orders to achieve the best possible result for you
  4. Structuring of your load profile into standard products (annual, quarterly and monthly products), covering or marketing according to the agreed strategy
  5. Long-term hedging and spot balancing
  6. Possibility to adjust your load profile at short notice
  7. Transparent and individual reporting
  8. Optimal reaction to changing market situations due to our proximity to the market
  9. Fixed and variable remuneration, performance-based remuneration possible
  10. Combination of balancing group management and/or intraday trading and/or day-after trading
  11. Limit and market orders as well as stop triggers in the Derivatives Market
  12. Spot market access via our Click & Trade portal

We develop optimal concepts for your needs

No matter whether you are an investor or operator of wind power and photovoltaic plants, manage the energy needs of an industrial company or are responsible for hedging for municipal utilities or regional suppliers.