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Vattenfall's goal is to be fossil free within one generation. On this journey also certificates are important to achieve this goal. Certificates support the reduction of the amount of carbon emissions and other greenhouse emissions with the help of incentives for emission reduction measures. With the service we offer, we want to support our customers' needs and the shift to a low carbon economy.

Voluntary Emission Reductions

With the fact that not all emissions from production or operational processes can be eliminated easily, VER’s are supposed to voluntarily offset the emissions elsewhere. This means, that VER’s cover the demand for voluntarily carbon offsets that can be traded on the open market. We at Vattenfall deliver customized VER’s that meet our customers’ needs and make it possible for our customers to offset emissions that are difficult to reduce by climate protecting projects.

European Union Allowance

EUA's are the tradable unit of one metric ton CO2. This means for our customers that one EUA entitles the customer who owns the EUA to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or carbon-equivalent greenhouse gas. New EUA’s are issued by the EU member stated every year in February. EUA’s are awarded for one year at a time. We as Vattenfall offer a transparent and regulated marketplace for EUA’s to our customers.

Fuel Certificates

The greenhouse gas intensity that is placed by the transport fuels of European Fuel Suppliers in the European Market is also supposed to be reduced. Therefore NeHS and HBE are two solutions that help our customers to achieve this goal.